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Tomato Souss

The taxis sea, in Inezgane

We are in the Souss region, in the south of Morroco. Casablanca is 5 hours driving north, Marrakech, 3 hours driving north-east. Welcome to Agadir ! A touristic city with its beach of fine sand, its royal ranches and golf courses. This is exactly what our taxi driver rushes to sell us, using a French tongue that he prefers to Arabic, since he has Berber origins. He presents his region with a dangerous naivety, ensuring that there is no lack of water. It only rains an average of 20mm per month, and all of the rivers that we cross, on this day of June, are totally dry.

The city extends its suburbs for several kilometers because of the economic development of the last 20 years. On the road of the agricultural plain, small trucks full of vegetables (turnips, beets, carrots, …) are crossing each other and walls protecting the crops hide the skyline. Sometimes greenhouses appear, sometimes just their metal skeleton dressed with tattered plastic pieces.